Lydia is an award winning director and writer from Saarland, in the south west of Germany.


She made her first steps as a filmmaker working in different positions for several German TV-productions such as Soko Köln(ZDF) and Großstadtrevier (ARD).


2016 she graduated successfully from the well-known Bournemouth Film School (BFS) in England with a degree in directing.


Her first TV-Productions as director and author emerged from a cooperation of EBU, BBC, ARD and Kika together with SR. The five children short films "Spin the Bottle" (2016), "Little Heroes" (2017), "Isabels treasure" (2018 "Grandmas Secret" (2019) and "The wolf pack" (2020) are part of the EBU Childrens Drama Exchange. They are screened on TV in BBC, ARD, Kika and more then six other countries and channels. Beforehand they run on national and international festivals.
2019 Lydia and two other authors developed the concept for the 24th season of the successful children and youth series "Schloss Einstein".

2020 Lydia directed 8 episodes of the season she developed.  

Currently she develops a post-apocalyptic children- and youth series with the title "Roststadt" and her first feature comedy "Knock Knock".
Lydia lives in Berlin.  


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